Music Photography for SHELAN BABY GIRL.

Shelan is from Great Britian living in the States and can sing like a bird. We had been planning this shoot for about two weeks. She needed publicity photos album cover artwork and website photos. We started in the studio as is my habit and then moved on to shoot location work.


Single Cover photography

Music Singer Photography

Shelan Looking Good

Shelan MUSIC Photoshoot outside on a cold night in November.

Headshots nyc Photographers

Shelan Looking Like a GUESS ad.

Tribeca at Night

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  1. Shelan on

    Hi Mike!
    Thanks a million for touching up those areas that needed work, I preciate that!! The shoot and the shots were amazing, you done a FABULOUS job!! and I will be proud to publicize them to the world!! I have sooooo many to choose from its incredible! I will no doubt send you any final artwork/album covers/single covers as Im sure you will be curious and excited to see your work in final promos!!

    Thanks so much for a great experience and fabulous product!!

    Best wishes and Happy Holidays!!!

    Much Love
    Shelan XXX
    btw…send me a link to your blog! id love to keep up to date with that!
    Thankyou Mike 🙂 Im totally passionate about what I do, so its an honour having my talent acknowledged by someone of your experience and reputation! Means alot!
    I shall take pride in acknowledging you and Lanier for photography and makeup on the album 🙂
    Will send you a copy once its pressed and will keep you posted on Shelan developments!!
    I really look forward to working with you both again in the near future!! its gonna be even better next time lol

    Thanks again and Best wishes to you and your family for the holidays!! Have a Good One!
    Much Love
    Shelan x

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