Laos Motorcycle Tour

Finn Jones

Laos Motorcycle Tour

Never Turn down a chance to travel.

In March I was having dinner at Indocine of all places with my good friend and traveling mate, Finn Olaf Jones . At Dinner he invited me to travel on a motor cycle tour of Laos. He is a writer and I am a photographer so I knew this would be good. It was a wonderful trip guided by Jim Barbush of There I met two friends of Finns’ Andrew and Garland. Off I went in the company of an outgoing group of riders to enjoy delicious spicy and seasoned meals. We met warm people while riding Honda dirt bikes through the fertile country side. Truly a trip I will treasure for a lifetime. Click on the photo for an enlarged view.


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  1. Diana on

    love it Michael. What a blast. I would so enjoy going to Laos. And you’ve reinforced my wanderlust.

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