Book cover for Simon & Schuster

S.E. Cupp Right Wing Pundit

S.E. Cupp Right Wing Pundit

I am a hired gun.  I work for the R.N.C., crooked investment banks and now for Simon and Schuster to shoot a cover of the new book titled “Losing Our Religion: The Liberal Media’s Attack on Christianity”. I have to be honest and say that although S.E. Cupp is attractive and sassy, the premise of her new book is completely off the mark. Her central premise is summed up in the title. I take the position that religion is truly the third rail of politics and just as frightening for major media. I consider myself to be a secularist in a increasingly  religiously fanatic and intolerant nation. There is no war on Christmas. The right has made the political calculation that proclaiming such will polarize the religious majority in the light of us versus them politics. Unfortunately this type of divisiveness works. You can read more here…


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