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Photographing Passionate People

Environmental Portraits

Copyright Michael Benabib 2012

Silicon Alley is in full force here. A large number of my clients are tech firms. Here the open collar rules and the photos need to capture the casual and creative working environment of these companies. Here is a shoot I did for eMusic. eMusic was established in 1998. eMusic is an online music and audiobook store that operates by subscription. In exchange for a monthly subscription eMusic users can download a fixed amount of tracks to their MP3 players per month. It is headquartered in New York City with an office in London and owned by Dimensional Associates.[1]


Corporate Photography of David F. Swensen Copyright 2012 Michael Benabib

Corporate Photography of David Swensen Of Yale University for Forbes Magazine

Copyright 2012 Executive Photos NYC / Michael Benabib

David F. Swensen has been the Chief Investment Officer at Yale Universitysince 1985. He is responsible for managing and investing the University’s endowment assetsand investment funds, which total $19.4 billion.[1] Realizing an average annual return of 11.8 percent on his investments over the ten years to 2009,[2] Swensen’s consistent track record has attracted the notice of Wall Street portfolio managers. Currently, he lives in New Haven, Connecticut with his children Tory, Alex, and Tim.

He is chiefly notable for having invented what has become known as “The Yale Model” which is an application of Modern Portfolio Theory.

My Shoot with Bob and Harvey Weinstein for Newsweek Magazine

With the triumphant Oscar wins for the movie THE KINGS SPEECH it is time to post this photo I shot of  the Weinstein brothers for Newsweek Magazine..

Bob and Harvey Weinstein

Bob and Harvey Weinstein

Cover FX Photography

Michael Benabib Photographer

Charlie for COVER FX Makeup

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Corporate Portraits NYC

Corporate Photographer NYC


I want to give a belated thank you and congratulations on the website launch.  Your work looks just great – both the candids and the portraits.  Everyone has said that the images lend a lot of personality to the site and really bring our company and culture to life.
It was a fun adventure accompanying you on your shoots in our offices last fall.  Your abilities really come through in the work!

Business Portraits NYC

Business Portraits NYC

Album Cover Shoot for recording artist BAKER

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Shot at hot new studio on BOND ST

More info to come

Recording Artist "BAKER" Photoshoot.

Recording Artist "BAKER" Photoshoot.

Book cover for Simon & Schuster

S.E. Cupp Right Wing Pundit

S.E. Cupp Right Wing Pundit

I am a hired gun.  I work for the R.N.C., crooked investment banks and now for Simon and Schuster to shoot a cover of the new book titled “Losing Our Religion: The Liberal Media’s Attack on Christianity”. I have to be honest and say that although S.E. Cupp is attractive and sassy, the premise of her new book is completely off the mark. Her central premise is summed up in the title. I take the position that religion is truly the third rail of politics and just as frightening for major media. I consider myself to be a secularist in a increasingly  religiously fanatic and intolerant nation. There is no war on Christmas. The right has made the political calculation that proclaiming such will polarize the religious majority in the light of us versus them politics. Unfortunately this type of divisiveness works. You can read more here…