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Silicon Alley is in full force here. A large number of my clients are tech firms. Here the open collar rules and the photos need to capture the casual and creative working environment of these companies. Here is a shoot I did for eMusic. eMusic was established in 1998. eMusic is an online music and audiobook store that operates by subscription. In exchange for a monthly subscription eMusic users can download a fixed amount of tracks to their MP3 players per month. It is headquartered in New York City with an office in London and owned by Dimensional Associates.[1]


Palladium Printing the Digital Way

Band Photography

New Style for Musician and Band Photography

Simple style, great subject.

Cover FX Photography

Michael Benabib Photographer

Charlie for COVER FX Makeup

Album Cover Shoot for recording artist BAKER

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Shot at hot new studio on BOND ST

More info to come

Recording Artist "BAKER" Photoshoot.

Recording Artist "BAKER" Photoshoot.

Album cover shoot for recording artist CHARLI

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Visit her website for MORE photos

Cross Process Color

Musician Photos

Music Photography for SHELAN BABY GIRL.

Shelan is from Great Britian living in the States and can sing like a bird. We had been planning this shoot for about two weeks. She needed publicity photos album cover artwork and website photos. We started in the studio as is my habit and then moved on to shoot location work.


Single Cover photography

Music Singer Photography

Shelan Looking Good

Shelan MUSIC Photoshoot outside on a cold night in November.

Headshots nyc Photographers

Shelan Looking Like a GUESS ad.

Tribeca at Night

Music Freight Shoot with Singer VIRUS and Liberty Devitto

This shoot is a concept conceived by Nick Isasi of the Company Music Freight. He called me after viewing my Music Photography website to see if I would work with his concept. The company moves music gear for all the top music companies. Their tagline, “You rock it we roll it”. an organization Liberty Devitto supports.

Musician Photo of  Liberty Devitto

Liberty Devitto poses for MUSICFREIGHT

Virus Muscian Photo

Virus Muscian Photo

Music Portrait

Music for kids


I shot a group of Mixed Marshal Arts Fighters for a cool clothing line called caffeineculture. I was hired by Kiersten Williams she has a company called williams-consult. This is the 7th or 8th job I have done for her company. We started our day in a photo studio in SOHO and spend almost 5 hrs shooting the photos for their e commerce site. After that we went out to Crosby Street to do some group photos. It was an overcast day which was perfect for the vibe of the shoot. This is the second time I shot for Caffeine Culture and the second time with this group of MMA fighters.NYC Fashion Photographers

SOHO Photographer


Photo by Bobby Berezowski

Photo by Bobby Berezowski


Zaccheri Grey Shoot

_MG_8959nosmokingzaccheri gray

zaccheri gray

Hello world!

Stranger On The Move

Stranger On The Move

Working as Photographer for the Band STRANGER

Working as Photographer for the Band STRANGER

Lanier Long Working the girls

Lanier Long Working the girls



Ok so here it is my first post. I am backlogged with shoots to post about. Since last week was such a busy week I will start with a shoot I did for the band STRANGER. I had photographed one of the three members, Susan a year ago. She plays violin for Billy Joel onstage and is a really great person. Positive vibe, Beautiful and talented.

Her two other band members are equally compelling. Shooting photos for a band like STRANGER is truly a dream job.

We shot downtown first at a rental studio then when night had fallen we moved outside.

The dog was borrowed from a young couple that was walking by and kind enough to allow us to use Fido in the photo